Elvox Technology - A foundation to build on






For over 40 years Elvox Australia has been developing product solutions to suit our customers demands and beyond, a reputation which we are proud.


Elvox Australia has a wide range of products and solutions available in various technology platforms that will suit any requirement and functionality. From a single residence to multiple apartment complexes, residential, commercial, industrial, government, and high security.


Our products and solutions are suitable for both new sites as well as exisiting with either single or multiple buidlings of any size, any configuration, any requirements. If you have any existing building or complex if on an audio door entry system, we can provide a proven reliable solution that can utilise your existing cabling and offer digital video technology platform that allows you utilise a host of features and options, both today and in the future.


Elvox Australia offers quality products and technologies with solutions that offer one of the lowest total cost of ownership and minimal ongoing maintenance.