Elvox Due Fili - 2 Wires Endless Possibilities

Elvox Swinging Gate Motors for standalone and kits

Elvox Due Fili - Digital 2 WIre Technology


Elvox Due Fili is a true versatile robust digital platform that provides audio, video, data and power over a 2 wire non polarity data bus. From digital audio handsets and hands free monitors to video available in either monochrome and high resolution colour. All conversations and functions are in total privacy.


Simple to install, saving you both valuable time and money - simply to use - simply to expand for the future.


The Elvox Due Fili system support mutiple entry panels, remote cctv camera, as well as any combination of multiple handsets or hands free internal audio monitor stations and/or video monitors either with or without intercommunication on the same 2 wires. Communicate in privacy, view multiple camera stations, watch remote cctv cameras, communicate within an apartment or to another apartment within your building, turn on lights, control automatic gates, access the lift and do much more.


Imagine the possibilities both today and in the future! Suitable for both new installations and existing building upgrade systems.