Audio Handsets & Hands Free


8870 Series



Elvox handset, slim line surface wall mounted, providing complete functionality with a minimalistic design. Available for both Elvox Analogue and Digital technologies. Each handset has a second push button for an auxilary function such as courtesy lighting activation, opening a vehicle gate or additional door and comes standard with a metal back plate and mounting hardware.


Available in white (standard) and titanium (optional) finishes.

Dimensions: 75W x 220H x 60D (mm)

Petrarca Series



The Petrarca series handsets provide the possibility of adding up to 8 additional push buttons for Intercommunication and/or auxilary functions. These handsets can also be used in conjuction with the Petrarca series monitor. Available for Elvox Analogue and Digital Systems. In addition can be converted into a desk version by using the optional desk conversion kit.


Certain models are available that allow it to be used as a universal handset for other brands.


Available in white (standard) and titanium (optional) finishes.

Dimensions: 89W x 226H x 65D (mm)

The NEW Elvox 6900 series hands free open voice digital audio module, low profile surface wall mounted in white

6900 Series



The Elvox 6900 series hands free open voice premium quality audio monitor with speech, door release and auxilary services buttons and 6 intercommunicating push buttons (can also be used for auxiliary services) to suit Elvox Due Fili digital technology platform. Available in ultra low profile surface wall mount.


Available in white.

Dimensions: 102W x 142H x 23D (mm)